Summer Camp

4. of July - 7. of July


The annual 4 days of grappling

with international stars

on Bornholm

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The first name for 2024 is no other than Rosa Walsh McCann. The Irish grappler and mma-fighter is one of the biggest talents in Europe right now. Just this October she won here debut at the black belt level. There is simply no way to say how far she can go in matial arts. 

Tarik Hopstock

The second name for 2024 is the return of the well-known Norwegian grappler and inventor of the Tarik-o-plata! Last time Tarik wash here, he gave us all an amazing time with highlevel instructions and his all-around pleasent being. 

Kasper Rohde Larsen

The third name for 2024 is the return of the newly minted Super Heavy european no-gi champion. Last year he showed his famous dogbar. This year nobody knows what he'll bring to the mats, but it's certain that it's high quality grappling packed in his always sparkling mood.  


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Again this year we are proud to announce that IKIGAI will sponsor the prices for Troll on the hill as well as designing the camp rash guard. 

Troll on the hill is the fun and loos open mat on the last day of the camp. Will be listning to good music as an announcer calls out for the specefic technics: The first on to hit it get's a price.  

The rashguard will be for sale at Ikigai as soon as the design is done. For now you can have a look at last years beautiful rash guard. 

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4 days just 850 dkk.

You can sleep at the gym for free, if you write

Kitchen and washing machine for free use.

All in Rønne on beautiful Bornholm near the beach. 

A little from past camps